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Welcome to our school!

We are a large inclusive 4 form entry junior school, near the city centre of Canterbury. Our vision and ethos has developed through the belief that all pupils need to have a sense of belonging so that they are ready to learn. We are totally committed to improving all our pupils’ future opportunities by focusing not only on academic learning but on ensuring they are able to manage their own wellbeing and self-esteem, which makes St Stephen’s a great place to learn and to prepare pupils for secondary school. The atmosphere in our school is positive, vibrant and welcoming – if you come and visit you will be able to see this! 

Our curriculums are developed to ensure they support all pupils learning and that all pupils are able to thrive here and make good progress in our school. Our focus is on inclusivity and ensuring that all pupils have the provision and experiences within a whole class setting to allow them to grow and develop as individuals within a safe and supportive environment. We have high expectations of what all our pupils can achieve. 

We are very proud of our school community. 

Laura Cutts and Sarah Heaney 
Co Headteachers

Please watch our welcome video to have a closer look at our amazing school - Click here to watch

Mission statement

To ensure that every child meets their learning potential by building a sense of belonging for all.

Our School Vision

Pupils will only be able to thrive if they feel safe and secure at our school. Creating a sense of belonging so that effective learning can take place is at the heart of our school vision and values. Educating our children to respect and care about themselves, others and the world that we live in will empower to shape all of our futures. 

  vision values ssjs

Our school values of Kindness, Creativity and Honesty will help our children to navigate their journey and prepare them for the future. 

These values underpin pupils relationships with others and understanding of themselves, as well as how they learn, through honest reflection in thinking and understanding to their ability to find solutions to problems. 

Alongside this, through focusing on our key themes of Wellbeing, Equality and Environment pupils will learn about their responsibility and the positive impact that they can have in the future.  

Through looking at situations and themes through a school, community and global lens we want pupils to understand their place within the world and how issues and themes can be explored in this way.  

The future belongs to our pupils and we want to educate and inspire them about their crucial role in shaping it.

Children’s Mantra

  • We work to create an environment where all members in our community belong.
  • We are honest about ourselves and what we say and do.
  • We are kind to ourselves and others.
  • We are creative and flip problems into opportunities. 
  • We respect ourselves and make good choices for ours and others wellbeing.
  • We respect others and treat people fairly. We celebrate difference.
  • We respect the world we live in and we make responsible choices.
  • We work towards a better school, community and world; today, tomorrow and in the future.


Headteachers: Mrs Laura Cutts & Mrs Sarah Heaney
School Manager - Mrs. Jayne Dowkes (Enquiries)
Chair of Trustees: Dr. Andrew Connell
SEN Coordinator: Mrs. J Sazant

St. Stephen's Junior School
Hales Drive
Canterbury, Kent

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01227 464119