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Membership of Committees

2023/ 2024

Finance, Audit and Risk Committee   Quality of Education
Erwin Pauws (Chair)
Andy Connell
Nadia Anderton
Miguel Pareja
Irene Omiunu
Laura Cutts / Sarah Heaney
In attendance: Nik Oakes
Gina Donaldson(Chair)
Erwin Pauws
Sarah Green
Jane Troth
Sammy Gildroy
Nadia Anderton
Laura Cutts / Sarah Heaney
Personnel / Payroll Committee    
Nadia Anderton  (Chair)
Michelle Grice
Andy Connell
Sarah Heaney / Laura Cutts
In attendance: Jayne Dowkes


SEND (Inc PP/CIC)   Erwin Pauws, Gina Donaldson
Antonia Porter, Nadia Anderton
Health and Safety
Miguel Pareja
Erwin Pauws, Sammy Gildroy
Diversity, Equity and Inclusion
Nadia Anderton, Irene Omiunu