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Curriuculm Overiew: Science

Here at St. Stephen’s Junior School, we encourage and guide children towards becoming rational thinkers who are curious about themselves and their world. We aim to equip them with the scientific skills to ask meaningful scientific questions, make predictions, collect evidence and evaluate it. This is all underpinned by a growing understanding of key scientific concepts. Our lessons are engaging, and capture children’s interest.

We follow White Rose Education for our science curriculum this year. As well as covering all of the National Curriculum for Science at Key Stage 2, the White Rose scheme includes two units each year with an environmental focus. These will enable children to understand the current and growing environmental crisis that the world faces, to learn how we can build a sustainable future, and to become part of the solution themselves.

We will continue to focus on investigative and practical science, which are integral to the White Rose scheme. Not only do children find these more interesting and enjoyable, but research has shown that practical learning is more memorable, and is the best way for children to develop their knowledge and understanding in all areas of science and technology.