Governance Arrangements

As governors we acknowledge we have overall responsibility for ensuring that St Stephen's Academy Canterbury has an effective and appropriate system of control, financial and otherwise. However, such a system is designed to manage rather than eliminate the risk of failure to achieve business objectives, and can provide only reasonable and not absolute assurance against material misstatement or loss.

The board of governors has delegated the day-to-day responsibility to the Headteacher, as accounting officer, for ensuring financial controls conform with the requirements of both propriety and good financial management and in accordance with the requirements and responsibilities assigned to it in the funding agreement between St Stephen's Academy Canterbury and the Secretary of State for Education. They are also responsible for reporting to the board of governors any material weaknesses or breakdowns in internal control.


The information on governance included here supplements that described in the Governors' Report and in the Statement of Governors' Responsibilities as published in the annual accounts. The board of governors has formally met 4 times during the year. Attendance during the year at meetings of the board of governors was as follows:

Governors   Meetings attended   Out of possible
Victor Hester  (Chair of Governors)   4   4
Chris Barton   0   1
William Nugent   (Resigned 31 December 2015)   1   2
Nadia Anderton  (Associate governor)   4   4
Heidi Baker   1   4
Tracey Butterfill   4   4
Andrew Connell   3   4
Jayne Dowkes   4   4
Sue Erasmi   4   4
Dr. Amanda Gosling   (Appointed 1 April 2016)   0   1
Stephanie Harvey   4   4
Rev. Kevin Maddy   (Appointed 1 April 2016)   1   1
Chris Molony   3   4
Stuart Pywell  (Accounting Officer)   4   4
Katie Reynolds   2   3
Adrian Spratt   (Resigned 31 March 2016)   1   3

The Governing Body completed a self-evaluation review at the beginning of the year to identify skills held by members of the Governing Body. As part of this process, an external consultant spoke to all governors during the year with a view to helping them look at strategy and future vision for the school Discussion at meetings was aimed to address and clarify the position of Members and Trustees. This has enabled the Governors to focus with more clarity on their roles and contribution to the leadership and management of the Academy. This role is now clearly highlighted in the school Action Plan. Members have also reviewed the need to recruit further Trustees and Parent Governor appointments are being sought. The Members are also looking at the implications of the White Paper ‘Educational Excellence Everywhere’ and especially the implications of need to consider a move towards Multi Academy Trusts. During the past year the Governors have considered and reviewed our links and relationship with the adjacent Infant school.

The Finance and Audit committee is a sub-committee of the main board of governors. Its purpose is to monitor the budget and expenditure of the school to ensure sufficient controls are in place, and to ensure compliance with necessary EFA regulations. The committee met four times during the year.

Attendance at meetings in the year was as follows:

Governors   Meetings attended   Out of possible
Victor Hester (Chair of Governors)   2   3
 William Nugent (Resigned 31 December 2015)   1   2
 Andrew Connell   4   4
 Sue Erasmi   3   4
 Stuart Pywell  (Accounting Officer)   4   4
Adrian Spratt   (Resigned 31 March 2016)   1   2

The Members (also known as trustees in school) have met formally 6 times during the year. Their role is strategic and they have an oversight of the academy trust as a whole. Attendance at meetings of the members was as follows:

Members   Meetings attended   Out of possible
Victor Hester (Chair of Governors)   5   6
Chris Barton   5   6
William Nugent  (Resigned 31 December 2015)   1   2
Dr. Amanda Gosling   (Appointed 1 April 2016)   4   4
Rev. Kevin Maddy   (Appointed 1 April 2016)   4   4

In addition, there is a Learning and Development Committee with responsibility for the oversight of the curriculum areas in school, a Nursery Committee charged with the oversight of the Acorns Day Nursery, and a Health and Safeguarding Committee which looks after health and safety for the site as a whole as well as having overview of safeguarding matters.

Each committee meets three times a year and reports to the Full Governing Body meetings held three times each year. From September 2016, these meetings will be known as Trustee Meetings and the Governors are called Trustees. This has not changed the roles but the new names fall more into line with the terminology used by the Education Funding Agency and Multi Academy Trusts.

Membership of the committees is held for an academic year and can be rotated after that period. At the first Full Governing Body meeting of the year in September, trustees are voted onto the various committees for the coming academic year. Lists of committee members for the year 2016/17 are shown in the document SSJS Committees 2016-17.

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