A walk around Year 6

Welcome, as the new school year progresses we look forward to populating this page with all sorts of interesting information from Year 6. Please visit us again soon.

Update 14th Feb 2019: Year 6 enjoyed showcasing some of the work they had produced during their World War 2 topic. Amongst the items on display were our model Anderson Shelters and our propaganda posters. Some members of the year group also enjoyed teaching parents to dance to the Lambeth Walk!

Yr6WW2DisplayFeb19a   Yr6WW2DisplayFeb19b   Yr6WW2DisplayFeb19c
Yr6WW2DisplayFeb19d   Yr6WW2DisplayFeb19e   Yr6WW2DisplayFeb19f

 14 January 2019: Year 6 enjoyed their DT day, where they had the opportunity to design and create model WW2 Anderson Shelters!

Anderson Shelter Jan19a   Anderson Shelter Jan19b   Anderson Shelter Jan19c
Anderson Shelter Jan19d   Anderson Shelter Jan19e   Anderson Shelter Jan19f

30 November 2018: Year 6 demonstrated their creativity by designing and then creating their own propaganda art, inspired by real examples from World War 2.

WW2 Dovercastle22Nov c

A trip to the wartime tunnels at Dove Castle (22nd November): Year 6 had an enjoyable day exploring the World War II tunnels and Dover Castle. During a tour of the Operation Dynamo tunnel, the children learnt about how the tunnels were used as offices to plan the evacuation of Dunkirk.

The children also learnt about the importance of Dover during World War II, and had a chance to explore the castle of Henry II who we learnt about in year 5 when studying the murder of Thomas Becket. A fun day of out of the classroom learning!

WW2 Dovercastle22Nov b   WW2 Dovercastle22Nov a   WW2 Dovercastle22Nov e

Canterbury College a21 November 2018: On Monday, year 6 had the exciting opportunity to attend a day at Canterbury College. As well as seeing what a college environment is like, the children were able to take part in different workshops that gave them a chance to try new skills.

Trampolining, science investigations, sewing, creating animations and face painting were just a few of the things we were able to sample during our day. We hope to have inspired the children to take up a new interest!

Canterbury College b   Canterbury College c   Canterbury College d

Miss Cook’s Maths – This week Year 6 are focusing on shape including area, perimeter and volume. Next week Year 6 will be looking at converting fractions to decimals and percentages and finding percentages of amounts. They will also be answering a number of reasoning and word problems throughout the week. Can I please remind all of my maths class that there is a morning lesson between 8 and 8.30 on Tuesday mornings.

Update: 12th November 2018: Year 6 began their new World War 2 topic with a World War 2 day.

As part of this engaging day, the children took part in different workshops such as looking at authentic artefacts (including safe gas masks), taking part in an army drill and dancing to the Lambeth Walk!

As well as having the chance to dress up, the children also heard a real air raid siren being played as part of learning about sheltering during the Blitz.

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  • DSC_0042
  • DSC_0045
  • DSC_0046
  • DSC_0051
  • DSC_0052
  • DSC_0078
  • WW2_Dovercastle22Nov_a
  • WW2_Dovercastle22Nov_b
  • WW2_Dovercastle22Nov_c
  • WW2_Dovercastle22Nov_d
  • WW2_Dovercastle22Nov_e
  • Yr6WW2DisplayFeb19a
  • Yr6WW2DisplayFeb19b
  • Yr6WW2DisplayFeb19c
  • Yr6WW2DisplayFeb19d
  • Yr6WW2DisplayFeb19e
  • Yr6WW2DisplayFeb19f

YR6 Cook dUpdate 11th October 2018: Year 6 are beginning to make links with the wider community, with this in mind Miss Cook took some children to read to the elderly this week. The children had a great time reading, discussing their books and learning about other people’s lives.

They are hoping this will become a regular occurrence and will hopefully read again in the following term.

YR6 Cook a   YR6 Cook b   YR6 Cook c

Update 5th October 2018: Miss Cook’s maths class are learning how to subtract mentally as well as using the column method and answering word problems relating to subtracting money.

PGL 21st - 24th September 2018

Our year 6's once again visited Weymouth, in Dorset, for the annual PGL trip. This time round it was our new year 6 children, who were given the incredible opportunity to take part in a wide range of activities, which included climbing, ziplining, rifle shooting, abseiling, raft building, tunnelling and having a go on the giant swing.

After a long journey on friday the 21st, the group arrived at approximately 17h00, where children were shown their comfortable accomodation and allowed to settle in, before being treated to a hearty dinner. The programme progressed well over the weekend and on Monday, despite the rather severe stormy weather trying to dampen spirits. PGL teaches children independence and resilience and encourages them to challenge themselves and learn more about the other children in their class and year group. Activities like the raft racing and tunnelling helped teach children to work as a team. Below are a few photos of the trip:

  • 1
  • 2
  • 20180922_113550
  • 20180923_161800
  • 3
  • DSC_0005
  • DSC_0061
  • DSC_0136
  • DSC_0138
  • DSC_0143
  • DSC_0187
  • DSC_0196
  • DSC_0214
  • DSC_0224
  • DSC_0277
  • DSC_0286
  • DSC_0310
  • DSC_0342
  • DSC_0393
  • DSC_0414
  • DSC_0417
  • DSC_0452
  • DSC_0454
  • DSC_0465
  • DSC_0467
  • DSC_0492
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  • DSC_0532
  • IMG_20180921_172245
  • IMG_20180921_193157
  • IMG_20180923_155158
  • IMG_3891
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  • MVIMG_20180921_141418
  • MVIMG_20180921_185801
  • MVIMG_20180921_192521
  • MVIMG_20180922_104044
  • MVIMG_20180922_161453
  • MVIMG_20180922_162933

zne tCwW 400x400Update 26th September 2018: Miss Cook’s maths class will be looking at converting measurements and the time next week. They will be reading time tables and converting into 24 hour time. They also need to continue to learn their times tables and division facts.

Year six had a visit from ITN producer Lee Jarvis (below) who spoke to the children about the journalism industry and gave some helpful advice for the children for when creating their own news broadcasts about the dinosaur egg discovery! Having filmed, the next stage for year 6 will be to edit their footage ready to show!

Update 13th September 2018: Year 6 made a shocking discovery, when they found what appeared to be a dinosaur egg and footprint on the school field. This led to an investigation to try and classify which dinosaur it could have been.

The year group searched for further clues to narrow down the possibilities! Among the egg and footprint, claw marks and dino droppings were discovered! A closer look at the dinosaur droppings showed egg fragments. We think we may have a meat eater on the loose!

Dino pic 1   Dino pic 2   Dino pic 3

The week beginning 10th September Miss Cook’s Maths group will be learning about 6 digit numbers, rounding decimals and converting fractions to decimals. There will also be a major focus on times tables throughout this term.

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