A walk around Year 6

Here are a few images to show what we have been learning about. From practical science to fast paced PE, our pupils are always showcasing our values of independence, creativity and respect. Take a look…

July 2018:

19th July 2018: On Thursday, year 6 children, soon to be leaving us for secondary school, were treated to a lunch time barbeque with burgers, hot dogs and ice-cream. Having an extended break they were able to participate in lots of fun activities such as a slip-n-slide, bouncy castle and playing football against the teaching staff until shortly before home time.

DSC 0144   DSC 0115   DSC 0096

11th July 2018: Year 6 children visited Broadstairs to spend the day in the sun at the beach. Boarding a train at Canterbury West station early at the start of the school day on Wednesday the 11th July, the children soon found themselves on soft sand in warm sunlight. Highlights of the day included building sand castles and playing beach football, eating fresh fish & chips and delicious ice-creams and running from the seagulls who were always looking to steal our food!

IMG 20180711 100238   IMG 20180711 111430   IMG 20180711 112514
MVIMG 20180711 091231   IMG 20180711 124151   MVIMG 20180711 131930

March 2018:


Year 6's were fortunate to be visited by renowned author, Abi Elphinstone, who met with and treated the children to an exciting, engaging and incredibly inspirational talk. She signed books and encouraged a love of reading and writing. What an amazing day!

February 2018:

Year 6 have been investigating factors affecting changes in the snow temperature using data loggers (right).


Year 6's were transported back in time to celebrate VE Day!
YR6 VEday

DSC 0011The children and teachers were unrecognisable in their costumes, and parents were treated to afternoon tea and scones before a dazzling display of performances by the children, which included singing and dancing. Year 4 children were 'evacuated' with parents to a year 6 classroom where they were encouraged to complete a quiz with support of various 'experts' stationed at different exhibits around the classroom. A fantastic day was had by all!

Year 6's were also recently visited by a very special individual, Mr. Jonathan Evans, The Lord Evans of Weardale. They were treated to a facinating presentation of what his job role entailed and the fact he had met the Queen. Children were intrigued by the large medallion hanging around his neck and some were granted the opportunity to try it on for size.

VE Day a   VE Day b   VE Day c

Yr6 Dec17aUpdate: 15 Dec 2017:

‘This week, year 6 were busy demonstrating their creativity with a range of wonderful, festive treats produced for the Christmas fayre. We also wrote a letter in German (Yes, I did say German; impressive huh?) from the perspective of a WW1 soldier!

Yr6 Dec17d   Yr6 Dec17e   Yr6 Dec17b

Update 1 Dec 2017:

This past week in year 6 we had a real festive treat! During German, the children got to sample the delightful ‘Pfefferkuchen’; a traditional German Christmas sweet. Dr Skinner also graced us with his presence to share his wonderful collection of fossils. The children really enjoyed being able to explore these pre-historic wonders.

Yr6Dec17a   Yr6Dec17b   Yr6Dec17c
Yr6Dec17e   Yr6Dec17d   Yr6Dec17f

Year 6 Winners for best writing24th November 2017:

We are very proud to announce that two of our Year 6 children were short-listed as possible winners for a very prestigious national writing competition organised and administered by The Guardian. One of the students even received a letter from the judges commending his style and use of references. We are sure you will share our appreciation of the achievement. For more information on the entries, please feel free to speak with Mr. May in Year 6.

IMG 1092Update: 17 Nov 2017 - There was a lot of buzz around year 6 this week and a horde of children desperate to display their excellent reading skills. Responding to the fabulous prize Mr. Pywell has kindly donated to the school (a brand-new Frog bike!), children have been desperate to earn a raffle ticket to be in with a chance of taking the bicycle home. With all the competition, the year 6 staff had a difficult time choosing their readers of the week! But here they all are, proudly showing off their certificates!

Year 6 had an exciting start to the new term which included a trip to visit local war memorials around Canterbury to launch our fantastic new topic: ‘World at war.’ We were also fortunate enough to receive Dr Collin Skinner and his entourage of exotic insects to introduce our new science topic of evolution and adaptation; the children were able to hold and examine them in close detail if they were brave enough that is!

Year 6 have also appointed 8 new reading ambassadors to advise children around the school on book choices and promote the enjoyment of reading. They took to their new job very well indeed!

Insects 1   Insects 2   Insects 3
(Above) Exotic insects with Dr. Skinner
MemorialTrip   ReadingAmbassadors 1   ReadingAmbassadors 2
Visiting local war memorials in Canterbury   Year 6 Reading Ambassadors   

PGL September 2017

Our annual Year 6 PGL trip to Weymouth is so much more than an ordinary adventure, it's an experience of a lifetime for the children, and this year was no different. The PGL website offers a little insight into how important a trip like this is for young learners:

We’ll inspire, motivate and challenge your pupils to raise aspirations, build their confidence and support their achievement. Each day brings a new adventure and the chance to try something new with the encouragement of their friends. Bring them back more inspired and eager to learn - even walking a little taller!

We could not have stated it better and from the 22nd to the 25th September 2017 our Year 6's had that exact experience. Embarking on the trip excited, enthusiastic, and ready to take over the world, the Year 6's had their weekend filled with activities that would stretch their abilities to the limit. They climbed, abseiled, canoed and worked their way through the many various obstacles and activities on offer, ultimately emerging from the experience as victors and true champions. Returning after a fun filled weekend is not always the best part, and on the following monday afternoon our weary adventurers returned to continue their learning in a more formal setting, although no less exciting. Well done children!

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