Overview of topic for the term

ww2Nov18aTopic for Term 2: World at War

Hooks: Trips to: War-time tunnels and War Memorial, veteran in to speak, WW2 Bus.

Outcome: WW2 day and exhibition for parents

Class book / Key texts: Boy in the Striped Pyjamas (John Boyne), Letters from the Lighthouse (Emma Carroll), My Secret War Diary (Marcia Williams), Goodnight Mr Tom (Michelle Magorian)

Leading subjects & key curriculum links:

Term2 World War 2a
Term2 World War 2b
Term2 World War 2c


With remembrance day looming, year 6 will be time travelling back to the 1940s to learn about what life would have been like for children during World War II. After a trip to see Canterbury’s war memorial, as well as the war time tunnels at Dover Castle, the children will have the opportunity to hear first-hand from a war veteran. Year 6 will have the chance to demonstrate their creativity when designing and producing model Anderson Shelters, as well as when creating wax resist paintings of a World War II scene. 

The challenges of a day in year 6 can be hungry work! We will be giving the children the chance to follow a World War II recipe and create an authentic 1940s dish to try, which will link perfectly with our learning about rationing and diet during this period of history.  

We will be discussing what can be learnt from World War II, in relation to our behaviour as global citizens today, and about the creation of the UN to help try to maintain a fair and peaceful modern world. 

As part of our history unit, we will learn about some of the key figures and dates for World War II focusing particularly on the social aspect of this period such as rationing, evacuation, air-raids, growing food, schooling and the Blitz. This topic also presents an opportunity to learn about different countries and where in the world we can find them. 

Children will have the opportunity to use their computing skills by researching for further information about World War II, and will use this to create information texts. Year 6 will have the chance to express their learning through creative writing for example by writing the diary of an evacuee. 

This unit also lends itself to some excellent books which we will explore as a class such as My Secret War Diary by Marcia Williams. It is a topic which always has a big impact, and we are confident that the children will be enriched by the learning opportunities it will provide.

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