A walk around Year 5

Update: 13th June 2018 - Miss Cook’s maths class will be focusing on converting between fractions, decimals and percentages. They will also be looking at perimeter and area of shapes.

Year five enjoyed learning all about their new science topic Lifecycles with Mr Skinner. The children learned all about the lifecycles of these creepy crawlies and a brave few even got to hold some of the leafy monsters.

Yr56June18a   Yr56June18b   Yr56June18c

 Tudor Fashion Show:

TudorCos180518a   TudorCos180518b   TudorCos180518c
TudorMeds180518aThe year five children were set the challenge of creating authentic looking Tudor costumes out of newspaper. A model was selected for each group, and then the remaining members of the team had to work together to create the costume! The day ended with a fashion show to parade their efforts!
Tudor Medicine:
Year five spent the week learning about different Tudor medicines and remedies to illnesses. In literacy they wrote responses to patients asking them to cure their ailments. As you can see in the pictures below, the children then had a chance to make some Tudor medicines from Tudor recipes! 

Monday 16th April 2018 -  Tudor walk

Year five took part in a Tudor walk the first day back at school for the introduction into their new topic on Tudor England! They undertook an activity sheet whilst walking through Canterbury looking at Tudor buildings. They stopped in town to sketch a Tudor building.
TudorWalk16Apr18   TudorWalk16Apr18a   TudorWalk16Apr18b

Update: 23rd March 2018:

Year 5 will be completing their end of term assessments. On Wednesday and Thursday we will be converting between improper fractions and mixed numbers. Over the holiday it would be great if you continued to learn your times tables, division and worked on the time.

7th March 2018:

Miss Cook’s maths class will be learning about fractions. At the beginning of the week we will be looking at finding fractions of amounts moving onto finding equivalent fractions and adding fractions.

26th February 2018:

Today year five had Japanese visitors, who led some workshops to help the children learn about Japanese culture. The children had a chance to learn Japanese calligraphy, make origami models from newspaper and play Japanese games!
JapaneseYr5a   JapaneseYr5   JapaneseYr5b

Building their own version of the International Space Station:

ISS Model a   ISS Model b   ISS Model c

22 February 2018:

This week Miss Cook’s class have been focusing on arithmetic. The children will be adding money, multiplying 2 digit numbers with 2 digit numbers and dividing. Throughout the week they will be answering a variety of word problems and learning how to answer these correctly.

During our space topic year 5 have been learning about the International Space Station (ISS). They have learnt about the different components and why they are necessary for the ISS. They are now enjoying creating their own space stations using junk modelling.

DSCF7079   DSCF7080   DSCF7082

 This DT activity has not only included children using their knowledge of space stations but also their ability to work as part of a group.

Year 5 Space Day a7th Feb 2017:

This week year five have been writing and performing their own weather reports for the planets in our solar system. This group of reporters have been learning all about the weather on Uranus.

Year five have taken an exciting opportunity to adopt an artefact from the Beaney Museum in Canterbury. We have adopted a painting of the murder of Thomas Becket, following our study of Thomas Becket during the first term at school. Year five were presented with a commemorative certificate during an assembly, and given a talk about the museum and the artefacts it holds. We hope that you can find the time to visit the museum and see the painting that we have adopted!

Update: 9th January 2018 - For the start of year five’s space topic, the children were lucky enough to be visited by Professor Ofer Lahav, Chair of Astronomy at the University College, London. Professor Lahav spent time with the children to share some of the wonders of our solar system, and hopefully inspired some future astronomers! 

November 2017

Year five took part in different practical science investigations as part of a science morning! These included, amongst other activities, separating different materials to find buried ‘treasure’!

Year 5 Science 1   Year 5 Science 3   Year 5 Science 2

October 2017

10/10/2017: Year five ventured to Westgate gardens to take inspiration for a descriptive poem about this environment.

The children explored part of the park, making notes on what they could see, hear, smell and feel whilst there. Some excellent ideas were gathered, and we look forward to the creativity that will be shown as pupils write their poems this week!

Yr5WG gardensOct17 5   Yr5WG gardensOct17 10   Yr5WG gardensOct17 12

25th September 2017 - We're off to Kingswood

On Friday 22nd Sept our Year 5's ventured forth to Kingswood for the weekend, returning exhausted (but still as enthusiastic as ever) on Sunday afternoon. An excerpt from the Kingswood.co.uk website best describes this wonderful experience:

By taking pupils out of a formal classroom environment and into fun and exhilarating experiences focused on challenge and adventure, we encourage whole classes to bond and be captivated, the shyest to shine as leaders and the unmotivated to become the most enthusiastic about developing a new skill.


Click this link to watch a short video of our trip to Kingswood: An exciting adventure to Kingswood

September 2017

As part of our learning into the murder of Thomas Becket we visited Canterbury Cathedral. Whilst there we studied some of the magnificent stained glass windows, and used this as inspiration for our learning in DT.

The children designed and created their own stained glass windows from card. Below you can see how they are brightening up year five classrooms so please make sure you come to see them when picking up your child!

Children loved the opportunity given to dress in costumes representative of that particular time in history and to indulge in role play to fully appreciate the circumstances surrounding Thomas Becket's murder.

StainedGlassSept17   CathedralYr5Sept17 2   CathedralYr5Sept17 3


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