A walk around Year 5

Welcome, as the new school year progresses we look forward to populating this page with all sorts of interesting information from Year 5. Please visit us again soon.

Update: 20th November 2018 - This week in Miss Cook’s maths class it is assessment week and the children are working really hard. Next week we will be looking at decimals including rounding, ordering and converting decimals into fractions.

Our stars of the week (12th Nov)   Year 5's create beautiful Remembrance Day art (9th Nov)
Yr5 Star of the week   RemembranceDayNov18

Update 5th October 2018: Miss Cook’s maths class are learning how to multiply 3 and 4 digit numbers by 1 digit. They are also learning how to recognise square and cubed numbers.

Kingswood - 21st September 2018

Our year 5's took on some exciting challenges by journeying to Kingswood on Friday the 21st September. Contending not only with everything the severe stormy weather could throw at them, they took on the activities with great enthusiasm, putting all their energy into having fun.

Trips like this are fanatastic ways of teaching children independence, resilience and the value of team work. It was great to see the children working and having fun together, getting to know themselves and each other better.

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Update 26th September 2018: This week in Miss Cook’s maths class we will be looking at subtracting across 0, adding 5 digit numbers, factors and multiplying by 10 and 100. They also need to continue to learn their times tables and division facts.

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