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Shira, an enthusiastic volunteer from Year 4, has commited to writing a blog detailing her experiences in Year 4. We hope to post her writings on this page in an endevour to share with you her adventures as she progresses through the year. We will always try to add the latest entry to the top of the page, so for earlier writings please scroll down.

Blog Entry update: 26th Feb 2018

This week we have had lots of snow! On Monday, it snowed a little bit when we were at school. We had some visitors who told us about the History of Canterbury. On Wednesday it snowed so much that school was closed. Lots of people went sledging, including people from our school! On Thursday, school was open and World book day was cancelled [and will be next Friday] but on Friday the school was closed again. The snow stopped on Sunday. This week of snow will probably be known as the big snow 2018!

Blog Entry update: 5th Feb 2018

We have been very busy these past weeks, learning about the Wild West, dream catchers, states of matter, Swallows and Amazons and Reading Week. For reading week year four have been reading Swallows and Amazons, a story about an adventure. We also watched the film of Swallows and Amazons and in literacy we have written our own stories that are similar to Swallows and Amazons.  Wild West is our topic for this term. We have been learning about the Native Americans that lived there before the European travellers came there and the life of the travellers and cowboys that came there. We have also learnt about dream catchers, as they were created by the Native American Ojibwe Tribe. We have written short poems about dream catchers, instructions of how to make them and have read a story about a girl who makes a dream catcher. On the 7th of February we made our own dream catchers. In Science we have been learning about states of matter. On the 8th of February we had Wild West Day. We made tipis out of long bamboo sticks and plastic cloth and then went inside them! We also went horse riding! Afterwards we did barn dancing and designed totem poles with animal faces on them. Our new topic is ‘Canterburied’ History. We have been writing a biography about Stephen Langton.

Blog Entry update: 11th Dec 2017

This week has been a ‘Christmassy’ week, meaning that we have done lots of Christmas activities. We made a wire buzz game. Our wire was in the shape of Christmas trees, angels, presents and snowmen. Mine was a robin! We put our shapes onto a piece of wood before we connected lots of wires to a battery cell. We learned how to do this in science. This made our games buzz when the hook touched a part of the metal shape.

We made Christmas tree decorations out of card and pipe cleaners, they looked really pretty when we hung them in the classroom, we will be taking them home at the end of term. We has an entire afternoon just for colouring in Christmas pictures, making paper chains, doing Christmas word searches and writing Christmas stories, it was very fun!

Also this week we have been practicing for our Christmas production which is taking place on Monday. During this time we have been learning songs and dances. We have brought in our own costumes and had a full dress rehearsal with the entire lower school. We even incorporated Christmas into our maths and literacy this week. In maths we did Christmas word problems and had to solve a Christmas mystery to find out which elf had stolen the Christmas pudding.

In literacy we watched ‘The Snowman’ and made it our own by re-telling the story in our books. This was interesting because we could really use our imagination to create a new idea in our heads.

blogpicBlog Entry: Week beginning 20th November 2017

This week visitors have inspected the school. They thought we were great!

In literacy on Monday, we finished our non-chorological report about electricity, energy and water works, while writing this report we researched and found out about how electricity is made and the pros and cons of using different types of power sources. We are now writing about a girl called Mara who we saw in a short movie. Mara wants to make a plane and has tried lots of times already, this is making her feel sad. She is showing one of our school values by being resilient. She is not giving up! We are writing about how she feels.

In maths, we are learning about equivalent fractions. We now know that a fraction can be the same, even when written in lots of different ways.

In P.E we are playing hockey, we play lots of games and have learnt how to properly use a hockey stick.

This week was also anti-bullying week. We learnt lots about different types of bullying and how we can prevent bullying in schools. We have made posters that have won prizes.

In forest school we have made swings and zip wires out of ropes and pieces of wood. We were allowed to play on the things that we made. It was really fun!

During our religious education lessons we have been learning to meditate. We listened to a voice that helped us to create an image of a special treehouse in our minds. Some of us had the opportunity to draw what we had imagined once we had finished. It was super relaxing!

Mr Pywell has purchased a ‘reading bike’ for someone who has worked really hard with reading to win! Names are being entered into a draw. The winner will be announced soon!

During science we have been learning about electrical circuits! We even got to make our own circuits. In my circuit, I made a lightbulb light up and soon added a buzzer and fan!

FS FireBlog Entry: Week beginning 16th October 2017

This week we have had lots of trips and activities.

On Monday we went to St. Stephen’s Church to practise are Harvest festival dances, songs, prayers, and poems. On Tuesday the Anti-bulling ambassadors went to the Houses of Parliament while the rest of us did a science test about dental care. On Tuesday and Wednesday, we went to the Cathedral and wrote our names in ink [we also wrote our names in runes] and decorated the Canterbury cross with stick-on jewels. There were other activities we could do to. On Thursday it was Viking day! we cut out and made Viking shields out of cardboard and stuck on a tinfoil circle for the middle. We also made Viking bread. First we made the dough and then we put it in cans. Later it was cooked on the fire that Mr Chamberlin made. Some of our parents came to see what we have been doing too. On Friday we had our Harvest festival.

By Shira Lahav - Year 4 Palm Class

Blog Entry 2: 9th October 2017

This week we have learnt about food chains.

In forest school we have learnt how to make a fire using sticks [small, medium and large] a special piece of fabric [to catch the fire] and a fire lighter. We put five little sticks on a surface on the ground with no leaves. After putting the fabric on the sticks [like a little bed], we put another five sticks on. Then we took it in turns to try and light the fire. It was quite hard but fun! We did not all have blazing fires at the end or get to use the other sticks so we will hopefully get to do it next time. Palm class also did forest school with Pine class.

In Maths we have learnt about time and in Literacy we have learnt about fronted adverbials and nouns. In Beowulf the Brave, Beowulf has just had a fight with Grendel and thinks that Grendel is dead but I think he is still alive… we will find out next week though. Some of us have been chosen for school council and we helped out at the Community Lunch on Thursday.

On Tuesday, a smell scientist came to school. We smelt sweet smells, smelly smells and fresh smells from little containers with letters labelled on them to tell what they were. Before we were told, we guessed what the smell was! We also got a jellybean each, but when we ate it we had to hold our noses. It tasted very sugary and we could not tell the flavour. It turned out to be cherry flavour. On Wednesday, a representative from the food bank came to school. We were told about a story that happened to a family and that not only poor people needed food and on Thursday we had are school photos taken. We all now know are lines for the Harvest festival too.

By Shira Lahav - Year 4 Palm Class

First entry, 29 Sept 2017

These past two weeks, there have been a few reading and maths tests and we have started practising some of our harvest dances that will be shown at the church in October.

We had some visitors (puppies) who came in to join us at the beginning of this term. They were really cute! We were taught how to look after and care for them.

In cookery, we made some delicious cookies. In forest school, we have been making dens out of long sticks and placing them around trees and have also learn't 'table cloth' which is when some of us walk through the middle of the circle where we sit and we need to shout ‘’table cloth!’’ at them. This is good fun! We have learn't to use knives safely, carving points on the end of sticks. We have learnt about Viking boats which are called longboats [used for attacks] and knorrs [which are used for bringing food and animals from one place to another]. We have been learning all about the Viking Gods in our topic lessons. In literacy we are learning about Beowulf the Brave which is about a man called Beowulf who comes to Denmark to fight a monster called Grendal who is half man wolf and half sea wolf.

In Science we have learnt about different types of teeth and how food is processed through the digestive system. We have demonstrated one of our school values ‘Democracy’, by voting someone in our class to represent us in the school council meetings.

By Shira Lahav - Year 4 Palm Class

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