A walk around Year 4

3rd July 2018 - Children in year 4 were given an incredible opportunity to visit the beach at Broadstairs, where they were able to swim, build sand castles, eat fish and chips and spend quality time with friends in their year group.

IMG 20180703 095600   IMG 20180703 102253   IMG 20180703 112720   Year 4 Broadstairs 3 July 18a
IMG 20180703 102424   MVIMG 20180703 113726   IMG 20180703 114808   Year 4 Broadstairs 3 July 18c

 June 2018 - Year 4's have been having a little fun in science.

Yr4Science d   Yr4Science f   Yr4Science b
Yr4Science e     Yr4Science c

22nd May 2018 - On Tuesday, year 4 went down to Westgate Gardens for the day. During the course of the day, we went on a nature walk to explore the habitat and look for signs of animal life, we used nets to catch and identify organisms living in the river and also took the opportunity to create some watercolour artwork of a river scene.

Yr4RiverDippinga   Yr4RiverDippingb   Yr4RiverDippingc

Our year 4 children did the school proud by fully engaging with the activities and behaving exceptionally well (we even had two members of the public phone the school to congratulate us on their behavior!)

Bedgebury b8th May 2018 - A trip to Bedgebury to study minibeasts and their habitats

Year 4's ventured forth to Bedgebury in droves on a very warm sunny day on Tuesday. On arrival at the beautiful forest area they attended a small briefing, thereafter sitting down for a hearty lunch to re-energise and rehydrate themselves after a roasty bus journey in busy traffic.

Once energy levels were replenished their goal was the study of habitats and their immediate mission was to search for elusive minibeasts. Armed with water, small containers and loads of enthusiasm they bravely scoured the vegetation and came up with all sorts of wonderfully mysterious creatures which all looked terrifyingly monster-like when scrutinised under magnifying glasses.

BedgeburyMay18 m   BedgeburyMay18 e   BedgeburyMay18 j
BedgeburyMay18 s   Bedgebury a   BedgeburyMay18 p

EasterEggDecoratingYr4March / April 2018

Year 4's indulging in a little easter egg decorating before the Easter break!

8th Feb 2018:

Year 4's thoroughly enjoyed taking part in Wild West Day, which saw all children (and staff) in year 4 dress up in costumes befitting the wild west. Children were treated to a trip to the local stables where many were given the opportunity to see how it felt to sit on an actual horse or two. Who said learning can't be fun?

WWest Day 8Feb18 2

WWest Day 8Feb18 1   WWest Day 8Feb18 4   WWest Day 8Feb18 5

October 2017

The 19th October saw our Year 4 children arrive at school looking somewhat different to their regular selves. In fact, they not only looked very different, but appeared as if they were from a different time period altogether. It was Viking Day!

Led by similary adorned staff, children in Year 4 were given the opportunity to dress the part of vikings and learn all about the viking culture. As part of this exciting voyage of discovery the children were encouraged to be as creative as possible and as a result created beautiful viking shields, homes, boats and small-scale viking villages from all sorts of materials. The afternoon was spent in our Forest School area re-enacting the lifestyle of our viking visitors from long ago, and we invited parents to share in the wonderful experience.


Year 4 visited Canterbury Cathedral (below) to learn about when the Vikings took siege to Canterbury and kidnapped the Archbishop, Alphege. We dressed up as Angle-Saxons, Vikings, monks, kings and queens and acted out the story as we explored the Cathedral.

A year 4 child (right) is practicing his stone masonry on a piece of limestone at the cathedral!

Yr4 CantCath17Oct17 1   Yr4 CantCath17Oct17 2

Year 4 and our Forest School

Year 4 have made a great start in Forest School this term.

Over the 6 weeks they have becoming more confident and comfortable in a natural environment, they have been stretching of their comfort zones with a wide range of activities including: Using Knives, making shelters using natural and man-made materials, watering our vegetable patch, contributing to our compost heap, climbing trees, starting fire safely.

Some have even managed to make hot chocolate using our Kelly Kettles.

FS 17Oct17 3   FS 17Oct17 2   FS 17Oct17 5

The children have been playing with children they may not normally play with and throughout all of our sessions they have slowly started to show that they can work as members of a team. They have started to notice that our forest school site looks a bit different now that the seasons are changing! They’ll need to wrap up warm for Forest School next term!

7th and 8th September 2017 - Team building fun with the Challenger Troop

All children in Years 3 and 4 are starting their new term enjoying some outdoor activities with their class and teacher with the Challenger Troop.

The Challenger Troop team visit us each year and provide an exciting range of challenges to encourage our children to get to know each other, develop their communication skills and challenge themselves by completing an Obstacle course. This year children are doing the Card Relay, Human Minefield, Tyres and Planks and the Challenger Obstacle course.

ChallengerSept17 2   ChallengerSept17 1   ChallengerSept17 3

For Year 4 pupils having already participated the previous year, we see their confidence and resilience shine as they help their younger peers in Year 3 take part, encourage them and cheer each other on as they complete the Challenger Obstacle course which stretches the children physically and mentally. Our favourite part is when the teachers races against each other to complete the challenge.  What a fantastic way to start the school term!

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