Overview of topic for the current term

Wild West Term 3Term: 3 (Winter 2018)

Topic: The Wild West

Hooks: Wild West Day

Trips including local: Horse riding on the field

Class book / Key texts: How Rabbit Stole the Fire (Joanna Troughton)

Leading subjects & key curriculum links: Geography – Location of countries. Physical geography – climate zones. Human geography - types of settlement.

Topic Overview Yr4 Term 3 001 001

Development of values (social, personal, emotional): Respect, questioning, curiosity, innovation


Take a journey over the oceans to the land of the wild west. Follow in the footsteps of Christopher Columbus as he ‘discovers’ America and travel with families across the Western frontier to the Great Plains. Discover what life was like for Native Americans and how it was affected when European settlers arrived. Become a homesteader and establish a community on the land of the Great Plains before jumping on your horse and living life as a cowboy!

Our topic will culminate in a Wild West day, when children will dress as cowboys, build tepees, barn dance and even ride horses on the school field. Yee Ha!

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