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YR4NatDisas b
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Topic: Natural Disasters

Hooks: A day trip to Pompeii

Class book / Key texts: Running Wild by Michael Morpurgo

 Leading subjects & key curriculum links:

YR4Nat Dis Topic Overview

Development of values (social, personal, emotional): Respect, questioning, curiosity, innovation. 

Overview: Imagine feeling safe and comfortable in your bed at home when all of a sudden something happens that may literally turn your world upside down! Welcome to the exciting yet terrifying world of Natural Disasters.

Year 4 will have a great term of studying the devastating effects of disasters such as: Exciting Earthquakes, Horrendous Hurricanes, Vicious Volcanoes, Ferocious Wild Fires.We’ll even have a day devoted to travelling back to Pompeii (79AD) when children will be making Volcano Art, Pompeii style stone bodies and eating a local delicacy!

With our new year group book “Running Wild” by Michael Morpurgo, we’ll delve in to the world of fiction and produce some amazing stories of our own!

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