Overview of topic for the current term

topic term2Term: 2 (Autumn 2017 / 2018)

Topic: We’ve Got the Power!

Hooks/trips: A day without electricity / Visitor to talk about local wind farms

Class book / Key texts: Non-fiction texts about electricity and inventors

Leading subjects & key curriculum links:

Topic Overview Yr4 Term 2

Development of values (social, personal, emotional): Respect, questioning, curiosity, and innovation

In Year 4 we will continue to develop the children’s knowledge and understanding of the school values. They will demonstrate creativity and innovation when designing and making games involving electrical circuits. Year 4’s will continue to show their respect when learning about another religion and exploring the forest school.

topic term2aOverview:

Can you imagine a world without electricity? How would you keep your home warm in the winter? Where and how would you preserve and cook your food? How would you play the latest game? Imagine having to contact your friends by writing a letter!

Join us as we explore a life without electricity before Thomas Alva Edison invented something that illuminated the world! We will be applying our scientific knowledge of circuits and creative skills to design and create products that include electrical systems. Discovering a range of search engines in Computing will allow us to research the most significant people who invented electricity and how they inspired other inventors and scientists to make the world the place we live in today. Maybe you will be inspired by one in particular and write a fact file about them too!

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