A walk around Year 3

Welcome, as the school year progresses we look forward to populating this page with all sorts of interesting information from Year 3.

The children’s first week at the Junior’s has been an interesting one to say the least! On Tuesday morning, in our first year group assembly, Mr Raffell burst in to the room to inform us that some unusual tracks, a strange object and something rather disgusting had been found on the school field. We put on our detective hats and used the clues left behind to predict what had happened inside the grounds so close to our classrooms! There were various hypotheses and many questions posed – it was interesting to compare our speculations with our friends. We were so desperate to discover what was inside the egg that some of us continued to observe the scene during our break and lunch time!

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Dippy the dinosaur

wk1t1 d   Dippy, the Natural History Museum’s iconic Diplodocus cast is going on a natural history adventure across the UK.

We enjoyed developing our debate skills by arguing either for Dippy to STAY or for him to GO. Debating is a very important skill and we had to ensure we listened carefully to the opposing sides argument and respond politely and clearly with our own view. Here are some of the reasons we came up with:

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Challenger Troupe - 6th and 7th September 2018

All children in Years 3 and 4 started their new term enjoying some outdoor activities with their class and teacher with the Challenger Troop. The Challenger Troop team visit us each year and provide an exciting range of challenges to encourage our children to get to know each other, develop their communication skills and challenge themselves by completing an Obstacle course.

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This visit introduces Year 3 children to our core school values of Independence, Respect and Creativity. The activities encourage their independence and the way they communicate with their peers and staff. Participating develops the children’s ability to think round problems and come up with solutions to nurture their creative thinking skills.

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