A walk around Year 3

Week 1 Term 6 (4th June – 8th June 2018)

DSC 0051It’s been a great start to our last term in year 3 – we can’t believe that the year has almost finished! In English, they have enjoyed listening to the story of Aladdin and retelling it in their own words – a great hook to later in the term when we get to watch the Year 6 production at the Gulbenkian. Linked to this our topic is ‘Lights, camera, action!” and we kicked off by making thaumatropes in our search to discover the history of film and animation. 

The week finished off with the children learning about the British Values of Tolerance, Mutual Respect, Rule of Law and Democracy and recognising how these values linked to their own lives in and outside of school. Some of our posters should be appearing on Twitter very soon….

DSC 0060Oak and Bay went swimming for the first time with some trepidation and excitement. We look forward to taking the classes on alternate weeks for the rest of the term. Next week will be the turn of Ash and Elm. Whilst they were swimming, the rest of us were enthralled by the talents of the performing arts groups – well done to all who took part.

3rd May 2018 - The Living Land

Year 3 visited the Living Land set within the beautiful landscape of the Kent Showground, home to the Kent County Show, on Thursday 3rd May. They learned about farming, agriculture, the countryside and healthy eating.

Yr3LL 3May18 X   Yr3LL 3May18 Y   Yr3LL 3May18 Z

The Living Land is hugely popular and its timetabled activities include the opportunity to see and touch farm animals, taste local produce, see dancing sheep at the “Sheep Show”, Birds of Prey and many other displays and demonstrations. Most of the activities are interactive, with a wealth of organisations on hand to share their knowledge with the children which can easily be linked to the school curriculum.

Week 2 Term 5 (23rd – 27th April 2018)

In Year 3, this week, we have continued with our Amazon Rainforest stories based around ‘The Great Kapok Tree’ with the children using their knowledge from their topic work to write some detailed descriptions of a setting. In Maths, we have finished off our work on fractions and are now looking at problems involving money, including converting pence to pounds. See what they have learnt by asking them some questions next time you go shopping!

In Science, we have started our learning about plants by considering the different parts of a plant and their functions. All classes have now planted their gardens now too, with Bay and Oak class hoping to enhance some areas of the school grounds. Now we just have to be patient…

Oak Class Gardening d   Oak Class Gardening e   Oak Class Gardening f

It was great to see so many of the year 3 children enjoying themselves at the year 3 disco and their behaviour was exceptional, with a great time had by all.

Finally, 8 children this week were very excited to be recognised for their brilliant writing last term based on the Roman Mystery series of books by Caroline Lawrence. Miss McHaffie had been in touch with the author to let her know of their work and this week a picture was tweeted to Caroline and copies of their writing are being sent on to her, at her request. Well done to those 8 children but also to the rest of the year group who worked exceedingly hard on their writing last term.

yr3 author a   yr3 author b   yr3 author c

Week 1 Term 5 (16th - 20th April 2018): 

It has been a lovely start to the term aided in part by the beautiful spring weather we have had. This term our topic is Rainforests and the children have all embraced this with great enthusiasm. We are using a beautifully illustrated picture book called ‘The Great Kapok Tree’ as a model for our writing in English and this seems to have really captured their imagination.

In Maths we have been continuing with our learning about fractions and across the year group they have shown impressive understanding of how to add and subtract fractions using our bar models. Most pleasing, is how as a year group the children are so engaged with their learning in Maths and are starting to make their own choices in terms of how best to solve the different problems they are presented with.

Elm class ended the week by planting their gardens much to their excitement – now we just need to wait and see if they really do have ‘green fingers’. The other 3 classes will be doing theirs next week.

Yr3GardeningApr18b   Yr3GardeningApr18c   Yr3GardeningApr18e

Finally, we ended a fantastic first week back with an assembly from Ash class about inspirational people, where we all learnt a lot about a diverse range of influential characters. It really was a triumph and the children should be very proud (as we are of them) of how well they did in what must have been a quite daunting first time performing in front of the whole school.

Update: 26th March 2018: Year 3 had a fantastic time learning all about how the Romans lived. We investigated various artefacts, found by archaeologists in Canterbury such as brooches, a whetstone and an oil lamp. We got ‘hands on’ at the Roman museum, where we made flour using a quern-stone, turned our hands to being minters, making our very own Roman coins with the Emperor’s head on, and had a go at besieging an enemy hill fort using our catapults.

DSC 0016   DSC 0042   DSC 0136

A great day was had by all and we were lucky enough to finish the day off with a look at one of our favourite illustrator’s work – Sir Quentin Blake. There was a special exhibition at the Beany of his work for Roald Dahl’s ‘The BFG’ and many of us followed the instructions to draw our own Big Friendly Giant or created a dream for a dream jar. What a fabulous day out we had!

DSC 0003Term 4 (Week 2)

Year 3 would like to say a huge thank you to all of those children who braved the adverse conditions and made it into school on Monday, Tuesday and Thursday. Those who made it in created some beautiful Roman mosaics, continued their descriptive writing from the point of view of a Roman child, and began to solve division problems through drawing them out. One of our school’s core values is independence and this was continually on display throughout the week as children: ensured that they had the correct clothing for cold weather; made sure that this clothing was stored correctly so that it dried during lessons; looked after each other so that nobody was left feeling cold and uncomfortable. Next week will hopefully bring a return to the normal structure. This will also include the homework menu for term 4.

Term 4 (Week 1)

A warm welcome back to all of our year 3 pupils. This week has absolutely flown by and it has been a pleasure to walk around and observe the amount of learning that has been happening. On Monday, I saw children discussing the differences between the modern and the ancient Olympics.

The children understood how events happening now (such as the Winter Olympics) have been influenced by ancient civilisations (such as the ancient Greeks).

DSC 0004Many children have been working incredibly hard in maths. Grid methods, part-whole models and word problems have been solved and I have been incredibly impressed by how quickly the new strategies are being learned. In English, the year 3 children have started reading the Roman Mysteries by Caroline Lawrence. The text that we have chosen is the 'Secrets of Vesuvius'. Writing work will continue on this and culminate in the children writing their own version of the events of the day that Vesuvius erupted. Finally, there has been some fantastic artwork created around the theme of ancient Greek pottery.

Week 1 (including Thursday 4th and Friday 5th January 2018)

Happy New Year! The Christmas break has flown by and 2018 is underway. This week, the children have been using their knowledge of word classes to help them create a description of a creature that they will encounter in a short story due to be written and typed up over the next couple of weeks. In maths, we have focussed on subtraction strategies for calculations that involve 3-digit numbers as well as learning how to count on using a number line. Science was a huge success this week. The children planned and carried out an investigation into whether physical attributes have an effect on physical activity: Can people with longer legs jump further? Do taller people run faster? Teams of children worked together to create a prediction and method which was then followed. The results were formulated and the children drew their own conclusions. Medals were given out for the children who won the different events that were tested. Congratulations to Zara Noel for winning the cup this week.

DSC 0012Week 2 (Reading Week)

Wow! What a busy week. It was lovely to see so many parents on Tuesday and Wednesday evening. It was equally nice to have parents coming in to school to read with their children on Thursday afternoon as part of Mrs Rajan’s extremely successful ‘Reading Week’. The week began with a video showing why teachers and children love reading. The year groups were then given individual challenges that they had to work on before a whole school performance on Friday. These challenges needed to be linked to our year group text: the Creakers by Tom Fletcher (formerly of McFly). Year 3 were given book illustration, make a soundtrack to a book, act out a scene, create a book related dance and finish with a song. The children were allowed to choose the performance they wanted to be involved with and got practising. Throughout the week there were reading related assemblies (creating a picture from reading a passage and a hilarious dramatic performance of a scene from Matilda); the story writing continued, children signed up to listen to a story and many other fun activities. On Friday, the whole school met in the hall and the year 3 children made everybody incredibly proud. The artists showed off their fantastic creations that depicted what the children thought the Creakers may look like. Some children performed a soundtrack to the book just using physical movements such as humming, clicking and stomping. Certain children acted out a scene from the text as well as narrating it and providing sound effects. The dancers produced a superb routine and we finished with a beautifully sung song. After a long, challenging, tiring but very successful week, all that we can say is how proud we are of the children in year 3! Great job!

Term 2

A huge welcome back to all of the children in year 3. We hope that everybody has had an enjoyable half term and are ready for the challenges of term 2. As you can see by our topic grid, this term is literally “choc full” of fun activities and learning.

Update: 27th November 2017 - Year 3 have been learning all about chocolate in their Scrumdiddlyumptious topic. This week, each class will be going to the chocolate cafe to learn more about the chocolate process, taste different types and make their own truffles. Oak Class had lots of fun yesterday!

IMG 0097   IMG 0104   IMG 0113

Week One - Term 2

As I am sure you can imagine, the children were very excited to find out that their new topic was chocolate. We have linked this to our class text Charlie and the Chocolate Factory which the children have used as a model to begin to write their own version of the events that happen to Charlie at the start of the text. We have evaluated what makes an exciting chocolate wrapper design, tasted different chocolate samples and given our opinions on those samples. All of this topic work has had an impact on the children’s writing. In science, the children have started their new topic ‘Animals including humans’ by learning about the things that humans need to survive. Congratulations to Callum Foster for winning the year 3 cup this week.

Week Two - Term 2

This week was anti-bullying week and our key word was equality. Year 3 designed anti-bullying posters (many around the theme of equality) and we also chose our class anti-bullying ambassadors. The stories based on Charlie and the Chocolate Factory continue to show the talent of the year 3 writers. This has been helped by the reading sessions which have focussed on certain extracts from the text in greater detail. The children have been learning new words and then including these in their own compositions. In maths, we have been using a variety of manipulatives to deepen the children’s understanding of addition and subtraction. I have also enjoyed reading some of the children’s stories that include calculations that they have been working on. Skeletons were the focus in science and year 3 now know what the main functions of a skeleton are, and how different animals can have different skeletons. Congratulations to Aaron Newies who was the year 3 cup winner this week.

Year 3 Homework Creative Tasks

Week Three - Term 2

In English this week, the children have been finishing their stories about Charlie finding the golden ticket. I have been lucky enough to walk around and read some of the children’s excellent compositions and I feel that we have a few Roald Dahls in the making. Our science lessons continue to teach the children about the human body. We have studied skeletons and that knowledge was used in art lessons to produce chalk drawings of the human skeleton. In P.E. we have been having lessons from a qualified hockey coach and the children are learning to pass, dribble and shoot with control. Congratulations to Cristo Sklinitzis for winning the cup this week.

Week Four - Term 2

It is that time of year when we assess the children and look to see how much progress has been made. To balance out the heavy assessment timetable, year three visited the Chocolate Café in Canterbury where the children learned about the art of chocolate making and had a go at creating their very own truffles. I’m still not sure who was more excited: the children or Mrs Heaney! In geography, we studied the continents of the world and looked at the equator and tropical regions. This led to children highlighting countries where cocoa plants are grown. Auditions took place for our Xmas production and the scripts will be given out in week five.

Week Five - Term 2

As we rattle towards the Christmas break, auditions have taken place and children have been chosen for the main parts in the lower school Christmas production that takes place on Monday 18th December. A huge thank you to all of the children who auditioned and congratulations to the 42 children who were chosen for the acting roles (our biggest cast ever by quite a way!). In English, the children used everything that they have learned in term 2 to independently compose a story about Charlie finding the golden ticket from the point of view of Grandpa Joe. In art, the children creatively crafted their own Aztec drinking vessels out of clay. As well as this activity, the children have finished making their Christmas gifts that will be sold at the fair on Friday 15th December. On Thursday, many of the year 3 children visited the Marlowe theatre to watch Peter Pan. The weather was miserable but the fantastically funny performance soon put a smile back on everyone’s faces. “Oh no it didn’t!” “Oh yes it did!”

Week Six - Term 2

'And the Oscar goes to'… I can honestly say that the standard of acting, dancing and singing in lower school this year has blown us away. The attitude, effort and ability of a large group of children aged between 7 and 9 is simply outstanding. This week has been dominated by performance practice but the children’s behaviour and patience has been exemplary. The Christmas dinner went down a treat and there was a truly festive atmosphere as we enjoyed the turkey, the Christmas tunes and pulling crackers and party poppers. In topic, the children re-visited the Christmas story which they then retold in their own words.

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