Year 4's learn about Vikings

The 19th October saw our Year 4 children arrive at school looking somewhat different to their regular selves. In fact, they not only looked very different, but appeared as if they were from a different time period altogether. It was Viking Day! 

Led by similary adorned staff, children in Year 4 were given the opportunity to dress the part of vikings and learn all about the viking culture. As part of this exciting voyage of discovery the children were encouraged to be as creative as possible and as a result created beautiful viking shields, homes, boats and small-scale viking villages from all sorts of materials. The afternoon was spent in our Forest School area re-enacting the lifestyle of our viking visitors from long ago, and we invited parents to share in the wonderful experience.

An educational tour of the Houses of Parliament

On Monday the 9th October, children from St. Stephen's were delighted to be given the opportunity to visit the Houses of Parliament in London to learn about the monarchy, democracy and a lot more about Britains rich political history.

Arriving at the Palace of Westminster after an lengthy train ride and a short walk through St. James Park, the tour began with the lively group checking in at the Education Centre at the Victoria Tower Gardens. Greeted by very friendly and well informed education centre staff they were given a virtual tour of the House Of Commons in one of the presentation rooms, since the real one was undergoing security checks prior to a speech by the Prime Minister.

  • Houses-of-Parliament_091017-13
  • Houses-of-Parliament_091017-16
  • Houses-of-Parliament_091017-20
  • Houses-of-Parliament_091017-28
  • Houses-of-Parliament_091017-31
  • Houses-of-Parliament_091017-35
  • Houses-of-Parliament_091017-37
  • Houses-of-Parliament_091017-38
  • Houses-of-Parliament_091017-41
  • Houses-of-Parliament_091017-9
  • IMG_9862

Following an amazing tour of the Houses of Parliament, the group returned to the Education Centre to take part in a workshop on democracy, and shortly before their departure for home were treated to a surprise visit by Canterbury's own MP, Rosie Duffield.

Premier League Primary Stars kit and equipment arrives

image003Pupils and staff from St. Stephen's are celebrating after being awarded a Premier League Primary Stars kit and equipment pack. The Kit and Equipment Scheme forms part of the Premier League Primary Stars offer to primary schools in England and Wales and is a curriculum-linked education programme that uses the appeal of the Premier League and its clubs to inspire children to learn, be active and develop important life skills.

Delivered by the Football Foundation, the Premier League Primary Stars Kit and Equipment Scheme gives teachers a range of equipment that can be used across different curriculum areas to get children active.

PGL beckons for our Year 6's

Our annual Year 6 PGL trip to Weymouth is so much more than an ordinary adventure, it's an experience of a lifetime for the children. This year was no different and from the 22nd to the 25th September 2017 our Year 6's embarked on the trip excited, enthusiastic, and ready to take over the world.

  • PGL_Sept2017-1
  • PGL_Sept2017-10
  • PGL_Sept2017-11
  • PGL_Sept2017-12
  • PGL_Sept2017-13
  • PGL_Sept2017-14
  • PGL_Sept2017-16
  • PGL_Sept2017-17
  • PGL_Sept2017-18
  • PGL_Sept2017-19
  • PGL_Sept2017-2
  • PGL_Sept2017-20
  • PGL_Sept2017-21
  • PGL_Sept2017-22
  • PGL_Sept2017-23
  • PGL_Sept2017-24
  • PGL_Sept2017-25
  • PGL_Sept2017-26
  • PGL_Sept2017-3
  • PGL_Sept2017-4
  • PGL_Sept2017-5
  • PGL_Sept2017-6
  • PGL_Sept2017-7
  • PGL_Sept2017-8
  • PGL_Sept2017-9

With the weekend filled with activities that would stretch their abilities to the limit, they climbed, abseiled, canoed and worked their way through the many various obstacles and activities on offer, ultimately emerging from the experience as victors and true champions.

Year 5's travel to Kingswood

Kingswood Yr5 Sept17 1bOn Friday 22nd Sept our Year 5's ventured forth to Kingswood for the weekend, returning exhausted (but still as enthusiastic as ever) on Sunday afternoon. An excerpt from the Kingswood.co.uk website best describes this wonderful experience:

By taking pupils out of a formal classroom environment and into fun and exhilarating experiences focused on challenge and adventure, we encourage whole classes to bond and be captivated, the shyest to shine as leaders and the unmotivated to become the most enthusiastic about developing a new skill.

Visit our Year 5 page for a few more images and a short video.

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