A sensational ski trip to Italy

60 staff, children, and parents from St. Stephen's Junior visited Macugnaga in Italy from the 28th January to the 2nd February 2018 on the annual St. Stephen's Junior ski trip. Prior to our arrival snowfall had been heavier than on previous trips and provided for excellent skiing conditions throughout the week, with clear, calm, sunny days and only a little snow creeping in on Thursday the 1st February.

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Arriving at the hotel in Pecetto village early Sunday afternoon, children spent the following week skiing, ice-skating, visiting an old mine in the nearby village of Staffa, followed by an exhilirating ride up a cable car to the mountain top where spectacular views stunned all into silence. There was little cloud cover up the mountain this year, which presented with even more dreamlike views than before. The group arrived back in Canterbury at around 8pm on Friday the 2nd February. What an adventure!

Year 4 pupil is a Taekwondo champion

champA year 4 pupil from St. Stephen's Junior School recently participated in a Taekwondo tournament in Birmingham on the 17th February. Performing extremely well, he was crowned the British Champion for his weight group (under 32kg). Well done Oliver, we are extremely proud of you.

Just Dance winner this week!

JustDancewin9Feb18Our Just Dance event is hosted every Friday during lunchtime. Pupils from all year groups are encouraged to get involved and each week a winner is awarded a trophy. The trophy is awarded to the pupil who shows the most enthusiasm and energy throughout the dance celebration.
The winner gets to keep the trophy for one week and is then given the opportunity to try retain it on the following Just Dance Friday.

Ski assembly - Friday 9th February 2018

Mr. Pywell presented an assembly this friday following the recent and extremely successful school skiing trip to Macugnaga, Italy, from the 28th January to the 2nd February. Children who attended the trip were given the chance to share with the rest of the school the amazing opportunities such a trip presented.

Ski Winners feb18   L Pywell skifeb18   Ski Cup Winnersfeb18
Pictured above: (left) Mr. Pywell presenting the assembly; (middle) Incredible Lara beat everybody at the final slalom race, incl. staff and parents; (right) Children from different year groups whose commendable behaviour and attitude on the trip stood as a shining example to all others. Well done children, we are very proud of you!

Apart from the obvious fun aspect of skiing in such a beautiful setting on the foothills of the Italian Alps, the children in assembly all voiced their individual learning experiences. These included teamwork, independence, confidence, respect, resilience, getting to know their fellow students a little better, and of course amongst quite a few other things learning to speak a little italian. Due to the incredible success of this annual trip, Mrs. Amos from St. Stephen's has already begun planning for the adventure next year.

Focusing on a Safer Internet

Safer Internet Day Feb 18St. Stephen's Junior School joined the rest of the world in focusing on Safer Internet practices this week. The slogan this year for Safer Internet Day is “Create, Connect and Share Respect: A better internet starts with you”, and we're lucky to have the assistance of our very own Digital Leaders who during Monday's assembly introduced their idea of a competition for the best e-Safety poster.

Digital Leaders are children who volunteered to undergo e-Safety training hosted by Childnet, and run by staff here at the school. During the 10 weeks they learned about cyberbullying, staying safe online, and many other important aspects of e-Safety. Pupils this week in years 3 & 4 will receive a snakes and ladders e-Safety game, and pupils in year 5 & 6 are completing an e-Safety Questionnaire. Our Digital Leaders will be helping analyse the results and feeding back to parents.

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