Spelling and Grammar


SPELLING GRAMMAR1St. Stephen’s Junior School uses the Raintree spelling programme to support children in meeting the high expectations for spelling set out in the National Curriculum. Timetabled spelling lessons focus on teaching and practising specific letter patterns and word families, along with general strategies for spelling. Differentiated word lists, focused on a particular spelling objective, are tested on a weekly basis. There is an expectation that children will practise spelling at home, using the strategies they have been taught; this is an extension of the work undertaken in school, providing essential reinforcement.

Children are given regular opportunities to practise the “common exception” words on the National Curriculum statutory word lists (these can be found in the link below and in the children’s school planners). 

Spelling badges (statutory word lists)

Spelling guidance leaflet for parents

Badges are awarded to children when they can demonstrate that they have successfully learned the words within each spelling band.


Children are taught the specific grammar vocabulary and grammatical conventions outlined in the National Curriculum (a glossary of the key vocabulary introduced in KS2 is included in children’s school planners and can be viewed in the link below under 'Key Vocabulary'

Where possible, grammar is taught in context so that children can explore how grammar affects meaning. In their reading activities, children investigate how authors craft sentences in different ways, using grammar and punctuation to make their meaning clear.

Children are supported in applying grammar concepts in shared and independent writing tasks. They are encouraged to explore how grammatical conventions can vary, depending on the purpose and audience; they learn the differences between Standard English and non-standard English and consider the appropriateness of each for different writing tasks.

Key vocabulary for Year 3 through to Year 6 children

A glossary of the key vocabulary for punctuation and grammar is included in children's school planners. To find out which terms your child needs to know, please click HERE

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