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FS 25May18

  FS 29June18a   FS 29June18b

29th June 2018: Forest school has finished its first year at St. Stephen's Junior School. The last session was a fantastic opportunity for the children to reflect on their favourite memories of Forest School. The two boys on the right used an axe for the first time!

24th May 2018:The forest schoolers have been checking Mr. Chamberlain's hammock to see if it's as comfy as he says it is before Porch Light tonight! 

18th May 2018:

It’s been a busy week for the Forest Schoolers! Year 4 Forest Schoolers have been making snake habitats and carving snakes out of twigs.
FS 18May18a   FS 18May18f   FS May18

Year 4 Volunteers looked after the Nursery children in a scavenger hunt which was their first time in our Forest School Site.

11th May 2018: Outdoor Club has started up again this term with a fresh batch of Forest Schoolers! This was their first time in the Ditch on the guided tour!

Update: 20th April 2018

The Forest Schoolers have been focussing on Teamwork this week, what better way to do this than a huge game of “The Floor Is Lava”. Children had to work together to make a safe path from one side of Forest School to the other.

ForestSchoolApr18c   ForestSchoolApr18a   ForestSchoolApr18d
ForestSchoolApr18e    ForestSchoolApr18b   ForestSchoolApr18g

Update: 20th March 2018: Last week at Forest School the children were told a story about a mean troll called Derek who tried to eat the toes of little children. The Forest Schoolers showed their creativity when it came time to make their very own “Derek” (without a description). Some of them even found the time to make a maze (from the story) to trap Derek in!

FS 20Mar18   FS 20Mar18a   FS 20Mar18b
FS 20Mar18c   FS 20Mar18d   FS 20Mar18e

March 2018 - Mr Chamberlain reflects on the progress of our Forest School


Since September, the Year 4 pupils at St. Stephen's Junior School have been visiting the Forest School once a week, come rain or shine. Forest School is an inspirational process that offers all learners regular opportunities to achieve and develop confidence and self-esteem through hands-on learning experiences in a woodland or natural environment with trees.

At Forest School we are incorporating some of our school values in to our sessions. The children have really shown their talents this year with activities ranging from survival skills (the safe use of fire, knot tying, making shelters and using knives and other tools) to Art (making DIY paint brushes, mud paint, making bug hotels etc). We’ve incorporated the outdoors in to our Year 4 topics this term, the children spent an afternoon in the forest school for “Viking Day” making Viking bread and play tug of war and then our “Wild West Day” included throwing Lassos and making Tipis!

Forest School is a long-term project which is why the children have been able to enjoy the outdoors throughout the seasons. We are looking forward to the summer term as it means that we will be able to plant more trees and see our vegetable patch thrive! St. Stephen’s Junior School would welcome donations of any of the following items: Wellies that your children have outgrown, gardening equipment, plants/seeds, tarpaulin, camping equipment, waterproof coats/trousers, and wooly hats/gloves/scarves. We would also be pleased to show any interested parties around our Forest School!

FS Jan2018aJanuary 2018

Forest School has been focused around making shelters using Man-Made materials this week! The children have learnt how to make a waterproof A-Frame shelter using nothing but Tarpaulin and Parachord! They thoroughly enjoyed testing to see if they really were waterproof!

December 2017

ForestSchoolDec17 b   ForestSchoolDec17 c

4th Dec 2017:

Some of our forest schoolers used a new tool today! They were very excited to use the Laplander saw! Another forest schooler took a few minutes to sit in her quiet place and watch the world go by!

November 2017

After a bit of snow in the afternoon, what better way to end the day than smores and hot chocolate around a fire?


Three Forest schoolers below showing the respect position by the fire they made themselves while others having a great time on their own DIY zip line! Lastly an eager Forest Schooler who's just found a huge pile of leaves!

FS Nov17 1   FS Nov17 2   Unknown 2

FS AutumnNov17aThis forest schooler (right) has really been getting into the autumn spirit.

October 2017

10th October 2017: The forest schoolers have been having a great week! Using what they learnt about fire making last week they’ve been boiling their own water using Kelly Kettles and making their own hot chocolate!

FS 10 Oct 2017 1 FS 10 Oct 2017 3 FS 10 Oct 2017 2

On the LEFT: Literally jumping for joy after making their first fire! On the RIGHT:  Whilst playing around some logs one of the Forest Schoolers found a frog! The children thought it would be a great idea to take a photo but the frog wasn’t even remotely interested and promptly decided to jump in to another child’s face!

 FS Fire frog

 September 2017

FS 18Sept17 1 FS 18Sept17 2 FS 18Sept17 4

The weather held out for our first forest school session of the year! Pear class were given a tour of the forest school site before playing and picking various fruit and vegetables!

ForestSchoolSept17a ForestSchoolSept17b ForestSchoolSept17c

July 2017

Another day of forest schooling. We believe the smiles on the children's faces say it all.

ForestSchool14July17 1 ForestSchool14July17 3 ForestSchool14July17 2

ForestSchool7July17 1To the right: A forest school enthusiast brandishing the wand that she whittled in forest school today!

ForestSchool7July17 2 To the left:  A few year 4 kids had a great time making toast over the fire in forest school today!

Today was a chance for parents to come in and see all the activities the children have been doing in forest school as well as all the work children have been doing based around habitats and nature. A great time had by all!

ForestSchool05July2017 2     ForestSchool05July2017 1

ForestSchool30June2017June 2017

Today was the first time the kids had toasted over the fire with toasting forks that they'd whittled themselves! Mr chamberlain was surprised by how hungry they were, they ate 12 crumpets and an entire loaf of bread!

(22 June 2017): What a day we had today! The children planted 20 pumpkin seeds, made a cracking compost heap, and even made a start on some toasting forks for our crumpets next week.

ForestSchool22June2017 1 ForestSchool22June2017 2 ForestSchool22June2017 3 ForestSchool22June2017 4

May 2017

24th May 2017: Today 28 children spent the morning in the Forest School producing Andy Goldsworthy inspired sculptures. Some year 5 boys decided to take up the log challenge but unfortunately were unsuccessful!

ForestSchoolMay2017e ForestSchoolMay2017d 2 ForestSchoolMay2017f

ForestSchoolMay2017c23 May 2017: Who said Forest School is all about work? Children got to make their own swing with the help from a friendly tree!

April 2017

ForestSchool May2017a ForestSchool May2017b  

The children had a busy session today, trekking through brambles in search of wood! They got so tired they had to hitch a lift back to school!

ForestSchool16  The children have been practicing their shelter building!

ForestSchool15These girls from year 4 are very proud of themselves and rightly so! Over 2 sessions they've begun and finished our vegetable patch!

 March 2017


This year 4 made a huge chain of daisies at the forest school site. The Outdoors club taking a well earned rest after making our fire circle (minus the fire)
ForestSchool10 ForestSchool11

Friday afternoon was the perfect chance for these year 4 girls to show off their den making skills! 

We were all very excited to get our first shelter off the ground and everything started out well! Our human weights were having a great time under the tarpaulin until the wind ripped it! We'll check the weather next time!

After finding some wooden discs on the floor and without being given any instructions, children who do not play together normally began working together and treating them like stepping stones!

A simple example of child lead learning!

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