School Trips

At St. Stephen’s Junior School we offer a wide range of trips across all year groups. These are made up of class / year group trips, family / fun trips, care, courtesy and consideration trips and trips in the local community.

HouseCommonsOct17Trips in the Local Community

These trips are designed to fit in with the school day and are often linked to school topics or the curriculum. They are usually free of charge and do not involve transport.

Class / Year group trips

These trips are usually twice per year and may be linked to the curriculum. They are optional and incur a fee.

Family / Fun trips

KingswoodYr5 Sept2017 11These trips are open to all children and are optional. Parents can sometimes attend with their child and both pupils and parents incur a fee.

Care, Courtesy and Consideration Trips

These trips are usually twice per year. Children are chosen to take part by their teachers and consideration is given to all pupils in the year group.  Children that have shown that they are polite, caring and considerate to others across all aspects of school life are rewarded for their efforts. These trips are free of charge.

Residential / overseas trips

Residential/activity trips are offered to upper school children every year and are optional.  These trips involve one or more nights away from home and are used for team building and raising children’s aspirations.  Parents can attend our annual skiing trip.

School Trips Gallery

Macugnaga (Italy) 2017

Forty six children from St. Stephen's Junior visited Macugnaga in Italy from the 29th January to the 3rd February 2017 on a ski trip.

Arriving at the hotel in Pecetto village early Sunday afternoon, children spent the following week skiing, ice-skating, visiting an old mine and the nearby village of Staffa, followed by an exhilirating ride up a cable car to the mountain top where spectacular views stunned all into silence. The group arrived back in Canterbury at around 8pm on Friday the 3rd February, tired and weary from travelling, but thoroughly appreciative of the incredible experience and longing to one day return to the snow-covered slopes for more adventure.

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