School Trips

EventsTripsFundraisingSpring2017 1At St. Stephen’s Junior School we offer a wide range of trips across all year groups. These are made up of class / year group trips, family / fun trips, care, courtesy and consideration trips and trips in the local community.

Trips in the Local Community

These trips are designed to fit in with the school day and are often linked to school topics or the curriculum. They are usually free of charge and do not involve transport.

Class / Year group trips

These trips are usually twice per year and may be linked to the curriculum. They are optional and incur a fee.

Family / Fun trips

These trips are open to all children and are optional. Parents can sometimes attend with their child and both pupils and parents incur a fee.

Care, Courtesy and Consideration Trips

These trips are usually twice per year. Children are chosen to take part by their teachers and consideration is given to all pupils in the year group.  Children that have shown that they are polite, caring and considerate to others across all aspects of school life are rewarded for their efforts. These trips are free of charge.

Residential / overseas trips

Residential/activity trips are offered to upper school children every year and are optional.  These trips involve one or more nights away from home and are used for team building and raising children’s aspirations.  Parents can attend our annual skiing trip.

School Trips Gallery

Macugnaga (Italy) 2017

Forty six children from St. Stephen's Junior visited Macugnaga in Italy from the 29th January to the 3rd February 2017 on a ski trip.

Arriving at the hotel in Pecetto village early Sunday afternoon, children spent the following week skiing, ice-skating, visiting an old mine and the nearby village of Staffa, followed by an exhilirating ride up a cable car to the mountain top where spectacular views stunned all into silence. The group arrived back in Canterbury at around 8pm on Friday the 3rd February, tired and weary from travelling, but thoroughly appreciative of the incredible experience and longing to one day return to the snow-covered slopes for more adventure.

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Examples of school trips we may undertake:

  • Trips in the local community may include:

QuexPark Dec2016h

          Canterbury Heritage Museum
           The Beany Institute Canterbury
           Bug Hunts
           Pond Dipping in the River Stour
           Class reward trips to the local park

  • Class / year group trips may include:

Yr6PGL 2016j

       Year 3

       Wingham Wildlife Park, Dover Castle, Minnis Bay, Leeds Castle, Quex Park

       Year 4
TowerLondonYR5 2016g  Romney, Hythe, and Dymchurch Railway; Chocolate Cafe' Canterbury, Godstone Farm,
  Joss Bay, Cinema trip
   Year 5

   Tower of London, French Day trip, Cinema trip, British Museum London

       IMG 8372Year 6

       Harry Potter World, Chessington, Imperial War Museum London, Dover Castle

  • Family / Fun trips may include:

       Marlowe Theatre Pantomime; Kent County Show; Charlton Athletic Football Matches

  • CCC trips may include:

Yr6PGL 2016f

          Leeds Castle
           London River Tour with London Eye
           Go Ape
           Winter Wonderland Ice Skating
           The Greenwich Observatory
           The National Gallery London


  • Residential/Overseas Trips May Include:

       KingwoodYR5 2016  Bushcraft (Years 5 and 6); PGL (Year 6); Annual Skiing Trip (Years 5 and 6 with the addition of some year 4 competent skiers)

Events, Trips and Fund Raising

Click on the link for the full booklet for Events, Trips and Fund Raising - Autumn 2016, including the planner.
To down only the planner, please click HERE


We welcome all feedback relating to school trips, events and fund raising. If you wish to give feedback please complete the following document and hand it in at the main office: Feedback form (old form for 2015 2016, but feedback is still welcome)

Upcoming School Trips

Whole School:

Ski Trip: Sunday 28 January – Friday 2 February 2018 - Years 5 and 6

Standing Order Form - Skiing trip 2018

Kent County Show - 7th July 2017

kINGSWOODyr5 2016b


Year 3:

Year trip to Wingham Wildlife Park - 6th July 2017

Year 4:

Year 5 Trip to Kingswood - September 2017

Year 4 Trip to BroadstairsTuesday 27th June 2017

Year 5:

PGL Standing Order Form - 2017

PGL 2017 - First Letter

PGL Kit List

Trip to Tower of London cancelled - Trip to Dover Castle instead on 17th July 2017

Year 6:

Kidzania - July 2017

Events, trips and fundraising brochure

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