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  School Council adressing the school - July 2018

Feedback from the School Council for 2017 / 2018

As this years School Councillors prepare to step down from their roles, the whole school took part in a mock Parliamentary vote on their success this year. Pupils were asked to vote on key issues they had worked on. Pupils stood for a 'yes' vote and stayed sitting for a 'no' vote. We voted on revised homework policy, school disco, litter problems, school dinner queues, our trip to the Houses of Parliament and meeting our MP, Porchlight sleepover and fundraising and community lunches.

Overall there was a majority vote 'yes' vote, i.e. that these issues had improved or been positive. We did talk to our 'no' voters who said on homework: "I work hard all day at school I don't think I should do more work when I get home". In contrast a pupil said they "liked the creative side to homework now you could involve your interests and things you like to do". On litter problems one student stated "We need to have a daily litter collecting rota and a bin out on the field". On school dinner queues another said: "I miss out on playing with my friends and there is a long dinner queue".
School Councillors welcomed Nathan Tough from Porchlight who was presented with a cheque following our fundraising efforts. Nathan thanked the whole school and said we have been the first primary school to hold a sponsored sleepover. He believed this would pave the way for further sleepovers in other local primary schools too. He said that this money would help support their outreach team who go out to meet homeless people and offer them help and services.
Mrs Millsted and Mrs Sazant wish to thank all the school councillors this year for their hard work and commitment.

School Council Assembly - 23rd November 2018

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